Ex-Silverdaler returns to work as volunteer

Seaside holidays

Kevin Denyer spent his best childhood holidays at Silverdale Holiday Centre during the years 1978 to 1982 when he was aged 9 to 13.

One outstanding memory is watching the Royal Wedding (Prince Charles and Diana) in the television room with tea and lemon curd sandwiches.

Kevin now f eels that he would like to give something back to the community and has offered his help at Silverdale Holiday Centre as a volunteer to help with children of  today who need respite.  One of the tasks that Kevin will undertake is to cook for the children but they will not  be served with jam sandwiches!

The trustees of Leeds Children’s Charity welcome help from those who have enjoyed a holiday at Silverdale in past years and to hear their stories of times spent by the sea.

To tell you story of time spent by the sea, please contact the Leeds Children’s Charity on 0113 245 4281, or email info@leedschildrenscharity.org.uk.