Jimi Heselden remembered at Silverdale Holiday Centre 

Jimi Heselden will be sorely missed by everyone in Leeds who benefited from his amazing generosity and philanthropy.  The Leeds Children’s Charity will be no exception.  Jimi enjoyed a holiday at Silverdale Holiday Centre, the purpose-built property owned by the charity, as a boy with his brothers and never forgot the experience. 

Silverdale Holiday Centre

Jimi has done a great deal for the charity over many years – raising awareness, generous donations, inspiring others to support this unique service to the children of Leeds, and much more.
In gratitude for Jimi’s continued support, the Leeds Children’s Charity will remember him with a named room at Silverdale Holiday Centre.  The Heselden Room is used by all the children who enjoy a holiday there and he will always be remembered as an ex-Silverdaler and generous supporter of the charity.

Unveiling Jimi's plaque

 If you would like to know more about the Leeds Children’s Charity, please contact info@leedschildrenscharity.org.uk or telephone 01132454281.